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Aathiyam Herbal Pads XXL 8 pads

Aathiyam Herbal Pads XXL 8 pads

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Natural sanitary napkin with a feathery softcover and high absorbency. The soft texture of the natural top sheet keeps you in complete comfort. Our unique natural ingredients which include Kenaf and other herbs keep your skin free from infection and irritation. The breathable back sheet is completely protective and prevents leakage.





Ist layer

Top Layer

It is made up of Winfeel Super soft spunlaced material. When exposed to human body, it gives a pleasent feel and keep the top surface dry.


2nd layer

Filter Paper

It pulls fluid quickly and locks it away.


3rd layer


It is made of cotton and natural materials which is used to lock the fluid. It also gives a pleasent soft feel to the user.


4th layer

Core material

It is the made of Indian herbs and the main ingredient is kenaf which is very absorbent and reduce the smell.


5th layer

Filter Paper

It locks the fluid from leakage


6th layer

Bottom Layer

It acts as a barrier to prevent fluid from leaking and makes the user feel secure


7th layer

Outer cover

It protects the entire pad from the external agents


This pack contains 8 pads with wings & the size of each pad is 320 mm.





Remove the release paper from the back of the pad.


Stick the pad on the panty.


Remove the release paper from the wings.


Wrap the wings around the panty.




Size XXL can be used for heavy flow, preferable for long travels.




Each pad is individually wrapped for easy and clean disposal.

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