About Us

AATHIYAM is a brand that is committed to transforming ancient grains, rice, and food products into modern forms that are both healthy and delicious. The brand's motto is to provide healthy food options that replace junk food with nutritious alternatives.

AATHIYAM's products include a range of millet noodles and millet pastas that are made from ancient grains and rice, which are known for their health benefits. These products are a perfect replacement for traditional junk food options, providing a healthier alternative that is also tasty and convenient.

The brand is dedicated to promoting healthy eating habits and encouraging people to incorporate more whole grains into their diets. By using ancient grains and rice in their products, AATHIYAM is also helping to preserve traditional farming practices and supporting local farmers.

Overall, AATHIYAM is a brand that is focused on providing healthy and sustainable food options that are both delicious and convenient. With their commitment to transforming ancient grains and rice into modern forms, they are helping to make healthy eating accessible to everyone.


Millets, also known as ancient grains, are a group of highly nutritious and versatile grains that have been consumed for thousands of years. These grains are not only good for our health, but they are also great for the environment, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to make healthier and more sustainable food choices.

At AATHIYAM, we are dedicated to transforming these ancient grains into modern forms that are both delicious and convenient. Our millet noodles and millet pastas are a perfect example of how we are making healthy eating easy and accessible.

Incorporating millets into your diet can have numerous health benefits, including improving digestion, reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes, and promoting weight loss. Millets are also naturally gluten-free, making them a great option for those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.

By choosing AATHIYAM's millet products, you can enjoy all the benefits of these ancient grains in a way that is both tasty and convenient. Our products are perfect for busy individuals and families who want to eat healthy but don't have a lot of time to cook.

So why not make the switch to millets today? With AATHIYAM, it's never been easier to incorporate these nutrient-rich grains into your diet. Try our millet noodles and millet pastas today and discover just how delicious and healthy they can be!