About Us

Aathiyam means First Generation.

Our motto is to bring back traditional food and lifestyle habits back in a modern way. Traditional Ingredients - Modern Form.

This is how it started.


how we came to this mindset?

To know this you want to know about us - the founders of Aathiyam.

Bargav R - Founder - AATHIYAM

Entrepreneur, Explorer & Social Thinking person.

Bargav is in to his entrepreneur journey for the last 15 years came across many fields. Before 12 years his elder sister Mrs.Archana got married. After 2 years she gave birth to a girl child, she is 10 years old named Miss.Nagahasini. Here is how the exploration started, bargav started searching for healthy foods and dishes to feed her sister's cute little daughter. As a Uncle he was very much particular to give her healthy foods. During the search he found out its very challenging to get a healthy food not only for kids but for all. After this spark he started exploring traditional and natural foods and after 7 years his idea took birth with the name AATHIYAM. 


B.Gnanitha - Co-Founder - AATHIYAM


Gnanitha bargav's better half joined the journey as well. Physiotherapist by proffesion, Mom by Relation & Social Thinker by Passion. Gnanitha decided to support Aathiyam in technical manner with the social responsibility to give good and healthy food to all the kids, typical thinking of a mom.

Now we have 100+ Natural & Traditional Products.

Our Motto

Creating Healthy Generation.

Create one earning woman from every Indian Family.

Our product range tries to replace every modern junk food in to a healthy food. Millet Noodles, Millet Pasta and goes on.

Let's join hands together to make this India Mal Nutrition free.

Jai Hind.