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Aathiyam Coconut oil - Wood Pressed

Aathiyam Coconut oil - Wood Pressed

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About this Product:

Introducing our premium quality wood-pressed coconut oil, made using only naturally grown traditional varieties of copra. We believe in the traditional method of harvesting coconuts, which involves letting the coconut ripen on the tree and then naturally drying it to become copra. Our oil is extracted using the ancient wood-pressed method, which ensures that all the nutrients and natural goodness of the coconut are retained in the oil.

Unlike many other coconut oils in the market, our oil is thicker in density, owing to the natural and traditional method of processing. We take pride in the fact that our oil is free from any additives, preservatives, or chemicals, making it a healthier alternative for cooking, baking, or even as a natural skincare solution.

Our wood-pressed coconut oil is the perfect addition to your kitchen, as it not only adds a unique flavor to your dishes but also provides a multitude of health benefits. From boosting your immunity to improving your digestion, our coconut oil is packed with essential nutrients that nourish your body inside out.

Our key quality factors.

*High Density

*Sun Dried

*Naturally & Traditionally processed to preserve nutrients.

*100% Natural & Chemical free

*Real Aroma.


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