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Aathiyam Castor Oil - Wood Pressed 200ml

Aathiyam Castor Oil - Wood Pressed 200ml

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About this Product:

Introducing our pure and natural Castor Oil, made from the seeds of traditional varieties of castor plants using an ancient and traditional method. Our castor seeds are handpicked and sun-dried, ensuring that the oil we extract is of the highest quality.

To make our castor oil, we first separate the seeds from the harvested castor pods. We then fry the seeds on a cast iron pan and hit them with a manual stone mortar to remove the outer layer and obtain the white seed inside. We then soften the seeds by hitting them again and boil them twice to extract the oil.

To separate the oil from the seeds, we use a wooden spoon instead of modern machinery. This ensures that the oil retains its natural flavor and aroma. After extracting the oil, we boil it twice to remove any remaining water, and then once with curry leaves and small onion to remove any toxins that may be present.

Our castor oil is 100% natural, with no added chemicals or preservatives. Its purity and quality are unmatched, and it is perfect for all your hair and skincare needs. Try our castor oil today and experience the difference!

Our key quality factors.

*High Density

*Sun Dried

*Naturally & Traditionally processed to preserve nutrients.

*100% Natural & Chemical free

*Real Aroma.


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Rabi Chaturvedi
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